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 We are ready to help  you overcome your bad habits. If you’re ready to quit smoking, eat  less, or experience less anxiety, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help. We stand ready to  help you get the confidence you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Hypnosis is more than just a parlor trick or a magic act; it’s a real way for many people to get the self-control and self-confidence they need to enjoy life again. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We  provide great customer service and will guarantee your privacy and confidence. Let us see how we can make your life better.

Our Treatment Focus

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a treatment plan. 

Our Client Promise

We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 



Take back the controls with hypnosis!

How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Works

Myths And Misconceptions/What Hypnosis Is Not


Myth #1

Many people cannot be hypnotized.

Fact: 90% of all people can be hypnotized.

Myth #2

Only the gullible or weak-minded can be hypnotized.

Fact: You cannot hypnotize a feeble-minded person. It takes imagination and a willingness to cooperate-a willingness to accept suggestions. The more intelligent and imaginative the person the easier it is to hypnotize him. People who are gullible are easily deceived or duped. The truth is the more creative and inteligent a person is the easier it is to induce hypnosis. The more analytical and controlling a person is, the harder it is to induce hypnosis.

The best subject is a person who has a definite reason or motivation for wanting to be hypnotized.

Myth #3

When in hypnosis you are out of control.

Fact: You cannot be hypnotized against your will. You have to "want" to be hypnotized in order for it to happen.

To be hypnotized

     1. You must want to be hypnotized

     2. You must have confidence in the hypnotist

     3. You must be willing to accept suggestion

     4. You must be free from fear

     5. You must be free from the need to be in control

Myth #4

A person could be made to do anything, and is under the hypnotists control. They could be made to commit a crime or go against their moral principles.

Fact: In hypnosis a person will not go against his or her moral principles. He will not commit an anti-social act. He has the power to select only the suggestions he is willing to accept. He will reject any improper suggestions. He will never commit a crime or illegal act.

Myth #5

Hypnosis is sleep, an unconscious state and when hypnotized a person is not aware of his surroundings.

Fact: In hypnosis awareness is increased. If he falls asleep he is not in hypnosis. In hypnosis you are aware of everything that is going on around you. Hypnosis might resemble sleep, yet it is not sleep, and is in fact a state of expanded awareness. You are fully aware of what is being said to you when in hypnosis and can reject any suggestion that is given to you at anytime. 

Myth #6

When hypnotized repressed memories of trauma always emerge.

Fact: Hypnosis can be used to uncover repressed memories, but the hypnotic state itself does not, by default, bring them to the surface. A client will never see something that he or she is not ready to see and such memories will only come up if the client and/ or the hypnotist intend to bring them up.

Our Therapy

What would you like to change in your life?

 Do you struggle with your weight?  Is smoking holding you captive?  Does stress threaten your health and happiness? Is success eluding you? Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy could very well be your answer. Use the power of your mind and join the elite group of high  achievers who easily master skills and reach goals that once seemed  unobtainable. Set yourself free!  Your potential is waiting for you!


Trauma & PTSD

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 



Stop Smoking

Have you been waiting for the right time to stop smoking? Then there is  some good news for you to help you quick smoking. If you stop smoking  now, smoking damage to your body will begin healing within 20 minutes.  Are you afraid that quitting right now may be too stressful with so much  going on in your life?  When is there not?  If you are really ready to quit smoking, we can make it easy to stop smoking for good. We offer the  best way to quit smoking so you can live your most healthful life  possible.


Lose Weight Hypnosis Programs

 Because hunger and starvation tactics only lead to weight loss failure, we did extensive research on ways to lose weight to find a weight lossand healthy lifestyle program that was simple to keep and had no harsh  deprivation rules. We discovered that hypnosis for weight loss is a viable solution for many in need of changing their habits regarding eating and exercising. We believe that changing your mind with weight  loss hypnotherapy and letting go of old destructive impulses and replacing them with enjoyable healthy habits will get you in shape and keep you there.


Stress & Anxiety

Most people know that prolonged stress wrecks havoc on your body and can even cause degeneration in some areas of the brain. What may be  surprising to know, is that short bursts of moderate stress are actually  good for you!  But when stress occurs too frequently or remains for  extended periods of time, it is devastating to your health, mental  functioning, and performance. Learn how to release stress and remain calm under pressure. We can help you to identify your emotional and  environmental stressors and give you practical tools to manage them in  every day situations. You can remain calm, self-assured and in control,  skillfully breezing through life’s ups and downs. For further  information, read about our reduce stress program.



Our “Stay-With-You” Commitment for Weight Loss and Quit Smoking Clients.

“We are completely committed to helping you succeed. We understand  that the time it takes to complete a goal is different for everybody.
At Sterling Silva Hypnosis, we promise that once you have paid for your program in full, and if you are sincere in your desire to lose weight or  stop smoking, we will continue to stay with you all the way to your  success. Our “Stay-With-You” Commitment states: “If you have not yet  reached your goal at the end of your program, we will continue to  provide you with support and up to one free
hypnosis session per month until you are 100% satisfied with your  results – and pay nothing more!” And we will put that in writing!

Our Money Back Commitment

Plus we also offer this money back commitment:  “If during your first session, for any reason, you ask for your money back, you will receive an on the spot no hassle 100% refund.”

Our “Do-Over” Commitment

And finally!  Because we want you to have great results:  “If you are not 100% satisfied with a session, we will give you a ‘do-over’ at no extra charge.”

*All commitments are valid for as long as we are in business.  **Up to one session per month.

Our Programs

Drive Away Negativity


Do you have a crummy little voice in your head that distrusts anything  new?  If someone is nice to you, do you look for an ulterior motive?  Do you see too many reasons why your efforts to get “unstuck”can’t work?Do you believe that you will fail, so why bother?  You are only as  successful as your beliefs will allow. Hypnosis  can help you to  increase your perspective, use the greater resources of your mind and  live a life of filled with hope, gratitude and real possibilities.

Lose Weight


Our hypnosis for weight loss program helps you to drop pounds naturally by changing your eating patterns. No diets, no “do not eat” list, no  special foods and no counting calories or carbs. Shift your hunger cravings to the healthy, nutritious foods your body loves. We help you to identify your fat causing behaviors, become aware of your body’s needs, change your habits and watch your body evolve into the lean  machine it was meant to be!  To find out more, read about our weight  loss program.

Process Grief/Loss


A broken heart does mend. Feeling overwhelming waves of sorrow is normal after a traumatic loss, but if the pain does not diminish with  time, moving forward with your life may seem insurmountable. Processing  grief can feel torturous and confusing. When grief clouds your mind, adjustment feels frightening and the path to recovery appears to be  concealed. You do have the courage to continue. Let hypnosis soothe  the ache in your heart, open your mind to a higher understanding and  bring closure. It is possible to accept, forgive, let go and live the full and happy life you deserve.

Control Pain


There’s no need to continue suffering from chronic pain. The pain you  feel is actually located in your brain, not your body. It’s an alarm to let you know there is injury. But after the fact, pain becomes unnecessary, and you can train your mind to turn it off and relieve the  discomfort. Hypnosis for pain management is so effective that it has been used for surgery!  Our Pain Management Program gives you all the  tools you need to reduce your pain. Take charge of your health without the dangers of pain killers. Let mind and body work together!

Optimal Health


The mind-body connection is recognized even in the most conservative circles of traditional western medicine. Heal your mind, and the body  will follow! Hypnosis can help you to accelerate the healing process,  regulate internal activities and adopt life promoting habits.  Hypnosis as a complementary therapy for surgical pre- and post op can help you to  heal better, faster and with less pain. You can connect to your energetic body and  even activate physical transformation on the  cellular level!  Engaging the unconscious mind for balance and  regeneration can help you to take control of your health and wellness. Be proactive. It’s your body!

Get Rid of Bad Habits


Nail biting, teeth grinding, skin picking, hair pulling, gum popping, and other little tics and habits make you appear nervous, weak or  immature to others. Annoying habits can also take a toll on your appearance and even your health! Your attractiveness and even the  advancement of your career can be affected by the negative image of these nervous habits.  Don’t let compulsive unconscious habits control  you. Hypnosis can help you to disengage the reflex and you can present a  cool, calm, confident, in control image of yourself to the world!

Boost Motivation


Do you give up before you get started?  Remove mental blocks and self doubt.  Enthusiasm and productivity are the cornerstones of success. Get in the zone with hypnosis. We can help you to craft your vision,  create a plan of action, and take measurable steps to make it a  reality. Hypnosis can help you to identify your true desires and align  yourself with your passion.

Increase Concentration and Focus


Are you easily distracted? Do you constantly space out? Do you sometimes have to re-read a page because you can’t remember it? Do you  lose track of your conversation? Are you plagued by runaway thoughts? It’s been said that “the mind is like a chattering drunken monkey  falling from branch to branch.”  Quiet the cacophony of a cluttered mind and develop  razor focus with hypnosis. You can shift your mind from a focal point  to an expanded view and back again at will. Hypnosis gives you the  mental muscle and flexibility to tame your thinking mind to pay attention.  Find your power in your own mind. Master it with hypnosis.



Fibromyalgia, a real and misunderstood condition, has medical experts  scratching their heads.  Painful and with no cure, sufferers sometimes  find it difficult manage their daily routines.  Hypnosis is now recommended by the NIH as a treatment for chronic pain such ad  fibromyalgia.  Combining one on one sessions with skills in self  hypnosis, you can finally manage your condition and stop pain from  dictating your day.



Does your “to do list”keep getting longer and longer? Do you have a  vision, but never get past the dreaming stage?  Do you keep saying,  “..tomorrow…,”and then put it off again? What bothers you most. Is it all the little things that need done? That house full of unfinished  projects?  Or a big project you’re never quite ready to tackle?  Is it  all piling up? Do you live in chaos? Are you followed by a nagging cloud of inadequacy? You can shift yourself into a joyful state of productivity with just a few simple adjustments. Hypnosis can give you the nudge you need to easily change your attitude from “I’ll do it later”to “Let’s get started!” Do yourself a favor. Take the first step to getting things done. Call us now!…Yes, now!

Quit Smoking


No matter how long you have been a smoker, you can quit! Smoking is a mental habit, not a physical need!  Nicotine replacement therapies, pills, e-cigarettes, and chewing gum may give you another method to satisfy your craving for nicotine, but they do little to address the smoker’s lifestyle, emotional cravings or habitual responses. To successfully stop smoking, you need to lose the desire. With hypnosis  you can replace your daily smoking routine with healthier behaviors, neutralize the triggers and change your smoking responses so that you would prefer to do something else instead. You can become the “comfortable non-smoker ”that you were before you lit that first  cigarette.  

Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Most people know that prolonged stress wrecks havoc on your body and can even cause degeneration in some areas of the brain. What may be surprising to know, is that short bursts of moderate stress are actually good for you! But when stress occurs too frequently or remains for extended periods of time, it is devastating to your health, mental  functioning, and performance. Learn how to release stress and remain calm under pressure. We can help you to identify your emotional and environmental stressors and give you practical tools to manage them in every day situations. You can remain calm, self-assured and in control, skillfully breezing through life’s ups and downs. For further information, read about our reduce stress program

Overcome PTSD


Do you feel as if you are reliving past trauma through a series of horrifying memories?  PTSD often goes unrecognized, yet its devastating effects can lead to serious physical, emotional and mental complications.  Symptoms include becoming suddenly struck with fear even in safe surroundings. Lingering fears and memories hindering your ability to concentrate. Recurring nightmares or sleeplessness.Terrifying flashbacks. PTSD triggers uncontrollable emotions that interfere with relationships and can lead to depression.  Sufferers often feel isolated and out of alignment with the rest of the world. There is help.  Hypnosis can access the subconscious and help  fade  traumatic experiences into the past.  With hypnosis, we can work with the PTSD patterns in your subconscious mind in a gentle and easy manner. Our process is quick and results are high. Freedom from the  grip of fear is true liberation in the highest sense.  Regain your  power. You can be free to live an extraordinary life filled with  happiness and adventure. To learn more read the article “Types of  Stress”.

Overcome Phobias


Do you live in dread that a phobia will reveal itself in an embarrassing  situation?  Sure you know it’s irrational, but being confronted with  your phobia (be it the fear of spiders, snakes, elevators, flying,  clowns, or commitment) sends bolts of panic racing down your spine!   Sure, you’ve made light of it, and maybe even a couple of people have  teased you about it, but the fear is very real. Maybe you have adjusted  your life around it by taking long flights of stairs instead of elevators, staying our of the woods to avoid snakes and spiders or  driving long distances to avoid flying, but isn’t it exhausting?  No one is born with a phobia.  You developed it through a series if  experiences.  Hypnosis can help you to re-process memory driven fears  and de-activate your phobic triggers. Imagine yourself relaxing with a good book while flying or simply walking up to a spider and admiring his beautiful web.  Set yourself free with hypnosis, because life is too  short to live in fear!

Manage Anger


Everyone gets angry.  It’s a normal emotion under certain  circumstances. But if you find yourself getting angry often, or intensely, then perhaps, (and please don’t  get upset and take this  personally), you may need some help controlling yourself.  Anger is an expression of fear and fear limits your mental capacity to receive  information. Hypnosis can give you the insight and self-control you need to remain calm and resourceful even during confrontations.  (Unless  you would rather risk making the “greatest speech you will ever  regret”the next time you get upset.)  Let hypnosis help you process and  express anger more effectively.  Don’t get tipped over when life takes  an unexpected turn. You can learn to be the one who stays cool and  takes control of the situation even when others lose it.

Get Rid of Bad Habits


Nail biting, teeth grinding, skin picking, hair pulling, gum popping,  and other little tics and habits make you appear nervous, weak or  immature to others.  Annoying habits can also take a toll on your  appearance and even your health!  Your attractiveness and even the  advancement of your career can be affected by the negative image of  these nervous habits.  Don’t let compulsive unconscious habits control  you. Hypnosis can help you to disengage the reflex and you can present a  cool, calm, confident, in control image of yourself to the world!

Relieve Migraines


If you suffer from migraines, then you have probably tried every drug or home remedy approach. You’ve probably explored food allergies, vitamin cures, OTC pills and prescription medicines with minimal results.  Free from side effects, hypnosis is the natural approach that can help you to get Rid of the triggers that set off your migraines. Debilitating  migraines don’t have to be inevitable, you hold the key to your own healing.

Strengthen Your Relationships


The key to all good relationships is listening, understanding and compassion. Hypnosis can help you to communicate better with your  spouse, children, parents, friends – anyone!  Are you are having difficulty maintaining a positive connection with the special person in  your life? Do you keep struggling with the same issues time and again?  Discover new insights about yourself and your partner.  Reconnect  authentically and deepen your commitment to the one who shares your  life.  With insight and understanding, you can become a better friend  and lover.

Self Esteem


Do you believe that you don’t have what it takes to succeed? Do you strive so hard for for perfection, but are never quite satisfied? Do  you berate yourself for mistakes? Are you bothered by criticism?  Do you wonder why other get ahead, but not you? What is it you think you  lack?  Reach into your mind and clear the clutter of self doubt.  Explore a  different perspective. You have capabilities that can bring  you success and happiness. It's time to discover them and put them to  good use!  Give your best to yourself –  and to the rest of the  world.You are a unique individual – unlike anyone else who ever has  lived. Get to know the real you with hypnosis!  Learn to appreciate  your power!  You have valuable gifts and it’s time to share them!

Increase Concentration & Focus


Are you easily distracted?  Do you constantly space out?  Do you  sometimes have to re-read a page because you can’t remember it?  Do you  lose track of your conversation?  Are you plagued by runaway thoughts?  It’s been said that “the mind is like a chattering drunken monkey falling from branch to branch.”  Quiet the cacophony of a cluttered mind and develop  razor focus with hypnosis. You can shift your mind from a focal point  to an expanded view and back again at will. Hypnosis gives you the  mental muscle and flexibility to tame your thinking mind to pay  attention. Find your power in your own mind. Master it with hypnosis.

Develop Self Hypnosis Skills


You can learn self hypnosis!  With some instruction and regular  practice, you can master the power skill of some of the world’s most  influential people.  Unlock your talents, supercharge your productivity,  learn at an accelerated rate and let your imagination propel you to the  place of your dreams.  Self hypnosis skills can be applied in thousands  of ways.  A better body?….Yours!  Career advancement?…..You’ll have the  winning edge!  Confidence?…Self discipline?…Charisma?…..  Yes!..Yes!..and Yes!.. Anything you put your heart and mind into, you  can accomplish!  Unleash the power of your mind and see just how far you can go.

Public Speaking and Performance


Of all fears, surveys show public speaking to be number one on more people’s list than any other.  Even actors occasionally become frozen by  stage fright.The ability to speak before groups of people is one of the most important career skills you can develop. If you find yourself  having difficulty voicing up at meetings or giving presentations,  hypnosis can help you to remain calm and present.  By learning a few  simple techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere, you can  actually enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Enhance Creativity


Are you in a rut?  Need some inspiration?  Expand your creative vision  with hypnosis!  Many of the world’s greatest works were conceived in a  hypnotic trance. Free yourself from the blocks between you and your  ingenuity with hypnosis. Your subconscious mind has a huge library of  ideas just waiting for you to access it!  Sharpen your talents!    Explore, experiment and discover exciting alternatives. Feel the thrill of your next epiphany and put the passion back into your work.

Overcome Substance Abuse


Whether it is alcohol, prescription pills or street narcotics, drugs  eventually fail you.  Where they once may have helped you cope with  life, soon they become your biggest problem.  Hypnosis can help you to  stop using and resolve the issues at the core of your habit.  You learn  to identify and release your triggers while you master effective coping  skills.  Release yourself from dependence. Set your mind free and get  control of your life!

Gain Confidence


Do you unknowingly sabotage your success?  Are you resigned to believing  that don’t have what it takes to get what you really want?  Do you  begin by setting an expectation of failure?  Don’t let limiting beliefs become a “self fulfilling prophecy.”  You already have almost everything it takes to reach your dreams.  Hypnosis can illuminate strengths you  never knew you had and help you to get the confidence you need to become your ideal self.

Sports Improvement


All sports are 10% physical and 90% mental training. Give yourself the edge that world class athletes and trainers have used for decades! Whether you are a pro or an amateur, in a slump or would like to shoot  past that mental barrier between you and the next level, hypnosis can make the difference! No matter what your favorite sport is – tennis,  running, golf, soccer, or …..Your athletic performance can take a  dramatic surge into the zone! (See the article “Famous People Who Used Hypnosis” for some examples.)

Releasing the Past


Do old resentments intrude into your present? Have you ever noticed that it is usually the negative memories that seem to always creep into your consciousness robbing you of the life you are living now? Hypnosis  can help you to release them. Melt the clouds of old unresolved  experiences and feel the true richness of your life. The rest of your  life is waiting for you!

Guilt and Forgiveness


Is there a wall of shame, guilt or resentment standing between you and your relationships?  Do you replay painful scenarios in your mind?  Do past experiences prevent you from trusting? Let yourself and others off the hook!  The truth is, you are not really upset for the reason you  think. With hypnosis you can discover and release old stuck feelings and replace them with insight, understanding and emotional flow.  Forgive yourself and others and be free to love, trust and grow.

Setting and Reaching Goals


Are you ready?  Get set!  Wait!…..What’s the plan?  Why do some p succeed almost effortlessly while others just crash and burn?  What is  that extra something that sends them straight to their target?  Like the  perfect golf shot, the difference is in their aim!  It only takes a  small adjustment to set yourself on the right course. You already have  90% of what you need. Do you know what else you need? Are there obstacles to remove? Hypnosis can help you to define exactly what you want, identify what you need, help you to formulate a winning plan.

How Hypnosis Works

The U. S. Government defines hypnosis as:

The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

"Let your eyes close and your lids become heavy. Relax and prepare to access the entrancing powers of your own mind"   

What does that mean? To help you get a better picture of what happens during hypnosis, let’s first discuss the functions of conscious and subconscious mind. Psychologists, philosophers and spiritual teachers have debated the categories of consciousness identifying, according to which particular discipline, anywhere from three to seven levels. But for our purposes right now,  let’s keep it simple. To this end, and for clarity, the “subconscious”  and “unconscious” will be combined as one part of the mind and the terms used interchangeably.

Your conscious mind is everything in your immediate awareness. It includes your willpower, rational thought and your analytical processes.
While it is known that the senses gather about 11 million bits of  information per second, conscious activity only has a maximum awareness  level of 50 bits per second. And, further, according to psychologist  George Miller in his celebrated paper “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information,” the working memory has a limit of 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information. This means that your conscious mind can only work with a very small  fraction of your brain’s capacity.

Therefore, a huge compression of information is obviously taking  place outside of conscious control. In fact, it appears that the majority of our normal activities, even one as simple as walking, requires a larger information processing capacity than the conscious  mind could possibly handle. These activities, practiced and automatic, are the realm of the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind contains everything that is hidden from your awareness. It is responsible for the activities of your autonomic nervous system – including the beating of your heart, your breathing and  your digestive processes – all of which continue to operate without  conscious interference. It contains your strategies, beliefs, emotions, and habits. It holds all of your memories. The skills that you have  learned and mastered – such as driving, tying your shoes and speaking – you no longer have to think about as your subconscious mind performs these tasks automatically. In fact, most of what you do is accomplished  by your subconscious mind. It is genius. It is also the most powerful  and compelling part of your mind. Habits that are established in this part of the mind cannot be overcome with willpower. Willpower, which is  part of your conscious mind, is immediate, but alas, only temporary. Your subconscious habits and impulses, operating from the more powerful part of your mind, eventually prevail, overriding the resolve of the rational, conscious mind. Therefore, to make any substantial change in  your habits, it is the subconscious mind that must change.

So, getting back to the official definition of hypnosis, what does “… bypass of the critical factor …” mean? Imagine that between your conscious and your subconscious mind  is a cynical little guy named “Critical Factor” whose job it is to sort out fact from fiction. He has the power to choose what becomes part of your belief system and what is categorized as irrelevant. He feels threatened by change and will reject any suggestion that does not match your current belief system. This part of your mind has many highly  developed defense mechanisms in place. Now imagine that you could waltz  right past this little “Critical Factor” guy and allow new habits and  beliefs to go straight into your subconscious mind where they become  accepted as fact. Now you can command that your true desires supersede your old self-sabotaging behaviors and unwanted habits.


This is where the “… establishment of acceptable selective thinking …” becomes a reality.  The key word in this sentence is “acceptable.”  While in hypnosis, suggestions that you want can be introduced into your subconscious. No one can introduce unwanted thoughts or behaviors into  your subconscious. Contrary to the popular movie stereotype and dramatic stage show presentations you may have seen, you are in complete  control during hypnosis.

Hypnosis is actually a way to focus your mind. It is very much like being absorbed in a good movie or book. You enjoy being emotionally engaged with the story, but you are aware that it is just a movie or a story.  While you are in hypnosis, you have the choice to become as deeply involved with the hypnotists words as you want. Those suggestions that are appealing to you become accepted by your subconscious. The hypnotist is not controlling you, rather, hypnosis  gives you even more control over yourself.

“Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious mind.” Milton Erickson  

Resolve and willpower often fail when we attempt to change a behavior. This is because while we consciously desire the change, our  subconscious mind has not assimilated the new behavior. It’s operating on auto-pilot.

Think of the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind as working  partners. The conscious mind would be the “The Boss” and the subconscious mind would be the employees. The  employees (subconscious)  want to do a good job, but if the “The Boss” does not give clear  directions, they will be confused, and the result less than optimal.  If the boss wants to make procedural changes, he must convey this  information to his employees. If he fails to do this, they will simply  continue doing their job using the same old methods. Even if he details his instructions in an email, if the memo gets marked as “spam,” (the  critical factor) his transmission will not be received.

Your mind is no diff To help you get a better picture of what happens during hypnosis, let’s first discuss the functions of conscious and subconscious mind. Psychologists, philosophers and spiritual teachers have debated the categories of consciousness identifying, according to which particular discipline, anywhere from three to seven levels. But for our purposes right now,  let’s keep it simple. To this end, and for clarity, the “subconscious”  and “unconscious” will be combined as one part of the mind and the terms used interchangeably

This is where hypnosis can help you make the changes you want. While in hypnosis, you can easily eliminate unwanted habits, sharpen your focus, gain greater control, release limitations, accept affirmative beliefs and accelerate improvement in the areas you long to master. Where your subconscious was previously set on auto-pilot in the opposite direction of your goals, hypnosis can readjust them to aim you strait toward your goals just as automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information


What is it like to be in hypnosis?

The experience of hypnosis is characterized by relaxation and  heightened imagination. You have actually experienced hypnosis many  times in your life already – probably even today.  Daydreaming is a  light hypnotic state. Driving, watching a movie, and even reading this  page are all examples of hypnotic phenomenon. Although we hypnotists  love to use the word “sleep,” you are not asleep.  You are completely  aware of your surroundings, and in fact, actually have an enhanced  focus. You are in complete control during the entire process.  In  reality, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and your hypnotist is your  guide.  People usually describe their hypnotic experiences as everything  from  pleasant and relaxing to euphoric and freeing. To learn more read "How Hypnosis Works"

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most can, but not everybody.  Hypnosis is a cooperation between you and your hypnotist.  If a person will not follow directions, hypnosis  will not be successful.

Also, those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and those who have below average I.Q.’s will not be successful candidates for  hypnosis.

Does it really work?

Hypnosis, in it’s modern form, has been researched, tested and  improved upon for centuries. It has actually been practiced, although not called hypnosis, for thousands of years in many cultures.  In the  early nineteenth century, it gained respectability in the medical field  through the work of Dr. James Braid.  It was later used by Sigmund Freud  and Carl Jung. The American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association officially recognized hypnosis as a legitimate procedure in 1958.   Today it is taught in some of the leading medical schools in the country  including Harvard and Stanford.

Although hypnosis is used in medicine, we do not want to mislead you  into believing that we are doing any kind of medical of psychological  therapies. We are hypnotists and our focus is exclusively on yourresults. We do not diagnose or prescribe. We work with you to achieve  your own personal goals.

One of the major benefits of hypnosis is the relatively short period  of time it takes for our clients to get good results.  (According to a  report by Dr. Alfred A. Barrios in “The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association”  38%  of patients undergoing psychoanalysis reported recovery after 600  sessions, while 93% reported success after only 6 sessions of  hypnotherapy.)

Many of the most successful people in history and most powerful people today have used hypnosis to reach their goals.

How long does it take?

It is different for each individual.  We will be able to give you a  better idea during your free screening.  Hypnosis works much faster than  most solutions, but it will take several sessions to get real results.   Many people will notice changes after their first or second session,  but in most cases, especially weight loss, multiple sessions over a  period of time will be required to get substantial results.  If someone  tries to tell you that you you only need one or two sessions, don’t buy  it.  Hypnosis works fast, but it does require multiple sessions over a  period of time to get lasting results.

Can hypnosis change my personality?

You are a multifaceted individual and you can use hypnosis to enhance  aspects of your personality in a positive manner.  Hypnosis allows you  to use a greater part of your mind so that you become more resourceful.   People who practice hypnosis become better at relaxing under stressful  conditions, have more confidence and achieve goals faster.  Hypnosis can  also be used to correct habits and responses that may be limiting.   Your core principles and values remain, and the suggestions made while  you are in hypnosis are only accepted if they are agreeable to you.

Can a person in hypnosis be made to do something against their will?

No.  This is the stuff of movies and stage shows.  It’s all made up,  though.  The truth is, no one can make you  “cluck like a chicken”  unless you want to.  People who volunteer in stage shows are willing  performers who want to play along, but no one can make even a willing  participant do something they oppose.  A hypnotist cannot force you to  do anything either during or after your hypnosis session that you do not  want. During hypnosis, your value system remains in tact.  If a  suggestion is not in keeping with your morals or value system, your  subconscious will reject it.


Will I be asleep or unconscious during hypnosis?

You will be relaxed yet fully awake.  You will have as much awareness  as you have right now.  Hypnosis actually offers you a greater  awareness as you will be in a state of enhanced focus and heightened  imagination.  You will have full control of your level of involvement  with the hypnotist’s words and go as deeply into hypnosis as you choose.

Will I remember what happened during a hypnosis session?

Most people will remember as much as they would during any normal  conversation.  You may find yourself very intensely focused on the  hypnotists words, and later the words may seem to fade.  You may  experience some time distortion and not know how long you were in  hypnosis.  Occasionally people may forget parts what happened during the  session, but most of the time people remember.

Will I reveal secrets during hypnosis?

No.  You are in complete control of what you say and do during  hypnosis.  Anything that you wish to keep secret will remain a secret.   In fact, you are completely capable of telling a lie if you so choose.   During hypnosis, you may be able to discover repressed memories, but if  you do not wish to reveal them, you will not.  You can still release the  negative influence of these memories without discussing them.  Hypnosis  is a gentle and safe way to clear unconscious and limiting blockages.

Is it everything we do confidential?

Absolutely!  We keep everything you say or do during your session  completely confidential unless you give your written permission.  Of  course, you will have people asking you what you have been doing lately  as they notice the change in you, and, quite frankly, most of our  clients love to tell their friends about all the fun and great success  they have been having with their hypnosis programs.  We encourage it as  our best clients usually like to refer their friends, family and  co-workers.

How much does a session cost?

We do not offer single sessions.  This would be a disservice to you  and a waste of your money.  To be successful, you will need several  sessions.  We will not be able to determine the right program for you  until you come in for your Free Screening".  There we can give you a better idea of the time and cost involved.    All of our programs are custom designed for your specific needs and  budget.

My friend told me that a person can get stuck in hypnosis and not come out.  Is this true?

False.  This is a myth.  It probably comes from stories about those  rare instances of people who enjoyed being in hypnosis so much that they  refused to emerge on the hypnotist’s cue.  Eventually they all return  to their normal state, though.

Can I learn self-hypnosis?

Yes.  We love to teach self-hypnosis to our clients who are  interested.  Self hypnosis can be mastered with just a few lessons and  regular practice.  The benefits of self-hypnosis are unlimited.  People  who learn self-hypnosis and use it regularly learn to relax deeply, set  and reach new goals and continue to get great results.  Some of the  greatest achievements in history are the results of self-hypnosis. (A  few examples are listed on the page “Famous People Who Used Hypnosis”)

Do you use NLP, and what exactly is NLP?

Yes!  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a method of effective communication through understanding how people think, behave and  change.  Using language patterns to promote a sensory experience of  thoughts, actions and feelings, NLP uses outcome based methodologies  that empower the individual to quickly bring about positive change, define goals, and increase flexibility as they adapt to evolving  circumstances.  NLP techniques are light hearted, experiential,  interactive and facilitate an easy, yet profound emotional release.  By  engaging a shift in awareness, NLP eliminates behaviors that do not  serve the individual’s highest interest.  Keeping respect of your unique  perspectives, internal learning modes and responses, the strategies of  NLP utilize your own personal reference system allowing for increased  exploration of your greater resources – akin to accessing the hidden  genius within.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programs

Additional Information


At Sterling Silva Hypnosis we recognize that you have already been  hypnotized – into becoming a smoker.  Your smoking habit is a  subconscious behavior rooted in the erroneous belief that smoking brings  pleasure.  Nicotine is a stimulant, yet you think it’s relaxing.  (The  truth is, the cigarette does not help relieve stress, and it only  relieves the stress caused by the nicotine craving.)  People ask how to  quit smoking and are often discouraged by what they hear. You’ve been  convinced that quitting has to be a miserable ordeal with suffering,  agitation, overwhelming cravings and emotional turmoil.

Smoking cessation doesn’t have to be.  We will work with you to quit  smoking through hypnosis and change these perceptions and prove it  through your own success!  Just as the power of your own mind programmed  you into becoming a smoker, it has the power to re-boot your mindset  back to non-smoker. Smoking cessation through hypnosis has worked for countless people, and it could work for you too.

Do you remember your first cigarette? Did it really taste good?   Seriously.  Did you really relax as you felt it fill up your lungs?  Orwere you just trying not to choke on it?  And what about now?  Do you  ever smoke because you “need” a cigarette?  Do you really think of  yourself as an “addict”?


This is what makes our program different.  We don’t just wean you  from nicotine to the questionable status of ex-smoker – always thinking  like a smoker and susceptible to a relapse. Our approach is to  “de-hypnotize” your mind so you can become the comfortable non-smoker  you started out to be!  Your natural self.  Free from nicotine  dependence!  Through hypnosis for smoking, your desire for a smoke  vanished!  You lay back in a comfortable recliner, relax your mind, take  back control and emerge as a liberated clear-headed non-smoker!

Whether this is your first time trying to quit, or even if you  have tried to quit before, (the average smoker tries to quit 7 to 9  times in their life) you will become a non-smoker if you follow our stop  smoking through program.  Our hypnosis programs for smoking are private  and individualized according to your specific needs.  Unlike group hypnosis that only gives generic suggestions to stop smoking, we address  your personal smoking issues, habits and unconscious behaviors to clear  away the triggers that have you reaching for a cigarette. We really feel this is the best way to quit smoking for many people.

Substituting positive responses, the reflex to smoke disappears.  Changing your beliefs about cigarettes, they become unattractive and  giving suggestions to keep you from “trying your first cigarette” helps you remain a non-smoker for life.  For less than half of what you would  spend on your cigarettes, you can become a non-smoker!   And with the money you save, you can wave goodbye to them as you breathe fresh air on  the smoke-free vacation of your dreams!


In order to determine if hypnosis would help with your specific situation, you must attend a Free Screening before you can be accepted into one of our Stop Smoking Programs.


Successfully lose weight now

Additional Information

The  truth is complicated weight loss programs that do not address your emotional, logistic and lifestyle challenges eventually become too strenuous to maintain. We help you to change the way you feel about  food and help you discover convenient ways to integrate healthy eating  and exercise into your life for natural weight loss. At Sterling Silva Hypnosis, you establish your new healthy habits, and with a change in your thinking they soon become automatic.  We work with you to initiate a weight loss program that  honors your preferences and your life situation. You get to keep the fun  and still lose the weight!

These are custom programs designed for your individual needs, lifestyle and budget. We offer hypnosis programs for weight loss for men  as well as weight loss programs for women. Because we believe that we  have the best weight loss help there is, all of our programs come with  our "Stay With You Commitment".  We will continue to provide you one free session per month with a weight loss coach until you meet your goal!  And we will put it in writing! Because we believe that your life depends  on you staying fit and healthy! Our weight loss hypnosis programs  are designed to ensure healthy weight management for life. The goal is  to make real, life-long changes that will help you with your weight loss  and help you reach your goal weight.

These are custom programs designed for your individual needs, lifestyle and budget. We offer hypnosis programs for weight loss for men  as well as weight loss programs for women. Because we believe that we  have the best weight loss help there is, all of our programs come with our 

We also have Hypno-Weight Loss Programs that fit every budget. And every one of our weight loss programs comes with our “Stay-With-You” Commitment.


But that’s not all!  Our “Better with a Buddy” Special lets  you invite a friend to join you at a substantial savings!  Enlist someone special to get healthy with you, and we’ll give you the special  price of buy one get one for 50% off when you both make the commitment to lose weight and get fit together!  (And yes, you can split the savings between you!)


Overcome PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)

Additional Information

Do you feel as if you are reliving past trauma through  a series of  horrifying memories?  PTSD often goes unrecognized, yet its devastating  effects can lead to serious physical, emotional and mental  complications.  Symptoms include becoming suddenly struck with fear even  in safe surroundings. Lingering fears and memories hindering your  ability to concentrate.  Recurring nightmares or sleeplessness.  Terrifying flashbacks.  PTSD triggers uncontrollable emotions that  interfere with relationships and can lead to depression. Sufferers  often feel isolated and out of alignment with the rest of the world.   There is help.  Hypnosis can access the subconscious and help  fade  traumatic experiences into the past.  With hypnosis, we can work with  the PTSD patterns in your subconscious mind in a gentle and easy  manner. Our process is quick and results are high.  Freedom from the  grip of fear is true liberation in the highest sense.  Regain your  power. You can be free to live an extraordinary life filled with  happiness and adventure. To learn more read the article “Types of  Stress”.


Reduce Stress Anxiety

Additional Information

Are you stressed out?  Do you have trouble concentrating? Do little things get to you? Is tension causing you to perform below your optimum level? Does thinking about work prevent you from really  enjoying your time with family and friends? Have you been getting angry  at those closest to you?   Do racing thoughts and worry keep you awake at night?  Feeling tired?  Frustrated?  Overwhelmed? Forgetful?  Moody?  Or nervous?  Have you been getting headaches, digestive problems muscle  aches or chest pains?  Is life feeling unmanageable?

Stress is an insidious killer. Statistics show that 80% of all  doctor visits are stress related. How much time and money do you think is ultimately spent on stress induced illnesses? Could it possibly have  catastrophic consequences in your life? Wouldn’t it be worth it to  reduce your stress overload? Modern life is fast-paced and unpredictable. We can’t always remove the cause of our stress. It isn’t practical.  And it doesn’t work, since another stressor will appear soon enough. Fortunately, stress is not your outside circumstances, it’s your mental and physiological reaction to those circumstances.  Stress is not a condition. Stress is a behavior and  behaviors can be changed.


Hypnosis can help you learn how to alter how you think, feel and  respond. Or you can let stress rule your life. You could become one of  those people boasting, “Oh, I’m under so much stress!” (as if this were  proof your importance.)  Or you can take control of your mind live a happy and productive life!  Hypnosis makes the difference! Your life is uniquely yours, and your stress issues are, too. We will design a stress program that addresses the challenges in your life. 


Fun Facts

Famous people who used hypnosis


Many important historical figures and today’s cultural icons have  used hypnosis to help them achieve success.  Among them are the  following:

Albert Einstein – used hypnosis daily.  His theory of relativity came to him while in a trance state. Thomas Edison – practiced self-hypnosis regularly.

Nikola Tesla – visionary inventor known for his  developments of the alternating current electricity used a trance state  for exploring his futurist ideas.

Sergei Rachmaninoff – suffering from depression for  three years following the critical failure of his first symphony, went  to see Dr. Nicolai Dahl, one of the pioneers of modern hypnosis, to  overcome a writers block.  He emerged to write one of the world’s  greatest works, his “Piano Concerto No.2.”

Frederick Chopin – studied hypnosis at the University of Strasbourg as did the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Sylvester Stallone – used hypnosis to write  “Rocky.”  He insisted on playing the lead which led to numerous  rejections.  Hypnosis helped him to keep his self-confidence until he  finally got the offer he wanted.  While filming his oscar award winning  movie, Stallone used hypnosis once again to become Rocky Balboa and gain  recognition as an actor.

Aaron Eckhart – who once played a “Big Tobacco” executive kidnapped and tortured with nicotine patches in the dark comedy “Thank You for Smoking”, credits hypnosis for changing his life – by helping him give up cigarettes and alcohol.

James Earl Jones and Bruce Willis – both used hypnosis to overcome stuttering.

Princess Diana – used hypnosis to help her with public speaking.

Kate Middleton – suffered from acute morning sickness during her pregnancy and overcame her symptoms with hypnotherapy.

Sara Ferguson (Duchess of York) – used hypnosis to lose weight.

Orlando Bloom – was taken to a hypnotherapist as a child to overcome chocolate cravings and get into shape.

Geri Halliwell – former “spice girl” used hypnosis to lose weight as did Lily Allen, the well known UK singer, who dropped 3 dress sizes with hypnosis.

Sophie Dahl – who made her fame a plus size supermodel, lost weight with hypnosis and has kept it off of over 10 years.

Courtney Love – uses hypnosis to keep her weight down.

Henry Ford – was a devotee of hypnosis.

Jackie Kennedy Onasis – used hypnotherapy to overcome grief following the assassination of JFK.

Sir Winston Churchill – used hypnosis to stay awake during WWII.

Martha Stewart – used hypnosis to stop nightmares after being released from jail.

Tony Curtis, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Samual L. Jackson, John Travolta and Robert DeNiro – all used hypnosis to further their careers.


Adele – uses hypnotherapy to overcome stage fright.  Many actors and actresses, including Daryl Hannah use hypnosis to manage their nerves before a big performance or audition.

Kevin Costner – became seasick during the filming of “Waterworld” and had his hypnotist flown to Hawaii to cure him.

Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, Britney Spears,  Ellen DeGeneres, Ewan McGregor, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Ashton  Kutcher and Charlize Theron – all quit smoking with hypnosis.

Guy Ritchie – turned to a hypnotist after his girlfriend, Madonna, asked him to stop smoking.

Debra Messing – used hypnosis to quit smoking and  returned five years later to overcome a fear of being underwater for her  role as an underwater mermaid showgirl in the movie “Lucky You.”

Ellen DeGeneres – quit smoking with hypnosis and, on the same show, Amber Tamblyn overcame her fear of spiders.

Tiger Woods – uses hypnosis to focus, tune out  distractions and get in the zone.  (You can notice that he blinks his  eyes twice just before executing his shot.)

Jack Nicklaus – credits hypnosis for his improved concentration and enhanced game performance.

Jimmy Connors and Andre Agassi – used hypnosis as part of their preparation for important tennis tournaments.

Michael Jordan – used hypnosis before every game to increase his mental stamina.  Phil Jackson, coach of the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers said the Bulls practiced daily self-hypnosis when he coached them to win six NBA championships.  Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal of there LA Lakers also used hypnosis to gain an edge over their opponents.

Mary Lou Retton – used hypnosis to win the Olympic Gold Medal for the US.  The Russian gymnastics team has also used hypnosis bringing hypnotherapists with them to every competition.

Rod Carew – the Minnesota Twins and baseball “Hall  of Famer,” suffered pain and doubt after an injury was technically  healed.  Working with a hypnotherapist, he came back to his best season  ever with a batting average of almost .400 and winning “The most  valuable player award.”

Ken Norton – trained with hypnosis to win his famous match against Mohammad Ali.

Mike Tyson – was professionally hypnotized several times a day and before each fight at the request of his manager Cus D’Amato.

Lee Haney – won the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding championship eight years in a row with the help of a hypnotist.

David Beckham – used hypnosis to get through a personal crisis.


Countless people throughout history and today have used hypnosis  to develop their potential, overcome challenges and reach their goals.   Considering that the rich and famous have access to the latest and best  personal development resources in the world, it makes quite a statement  that so many of them choose hypnosis.

Perhaps hypnosis is the extra edge you need to discover your talents, conquer limitations and attract success.

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